Read about PREVENTABLE in the news and the importance of this study in understanding the role and benefits of statins for older adults.

Reconsidering Statins After 75

October 29, 2020

This AARP article highlights how research shows that statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs, deserve a closer look in older age. An individual's body doesn't suddenly change when you turn 75 years of age and a slew of recent studies suggest that older adults may benefit from taking a statin. However, there are no clear guidelines on statin use after 75.

by Beth Howard, AARP

For Older People, Reassuring News in the Statin Debate

September 21, 2020

NY Times Well writer Jane Brody considers statin use for primary prevention in older adults in her Sept 21 article "For Older People, Reassuring News in the Statin Debate." She discusses potentially favorable effects on cognition and cancer, but stresses that evidence from randomized high quality trials is needed. The STAREE trial in Australia and the PREVENTABLE trial in the US will provide this high quality trial evidence.

by Jane E. Brody, NY Times